Stay Cool In Your Car

We recommend servicing of the air conditioning system is carried out every 3 years to maintain efficient operation as a gradual drop off in performance is not always noticed until the hot summer months. Please note: we have been forced to increase our charges due to the 6 fold increase in the cost of R134A gas. This is due to an EU imposed quota restriction that has in turn caused supply problems from the manufacturers of the gas.

  • R134A – Air conditioning system service including re-charge system & major leak detection from £59.95 incl VAT
  • R1234yf – All vehicles produced since January 2017 and some since 2014 use a newer “environmentally friendly”  gas which is approx triple the cost of the older gas. Therefore due to the differing capacities these vehicles will be charged by the amount of gas required and not as a set price. As an example a full refill of a Kia Picanto is likely to cost £128.00 incl VAT
  • If the vehicle system is completely empty indicating a major leak rather than natural deterioration, then a nitrogen leak test will have to be carried out as it is illegal to allow R134A or R1234yf to vent to atmosphere. Cost for this is: R134A @ £30.00 & R1234yf @ £48.00 both inclusive of VAT.
  • Add antibacterial treatment – £18.00 incl VAT
  • An activated carbon pollen filter can also be replaced at extra cost

Small leaks are not always identified in these processes which is why a dye is added. The dye is visible under ultra violet light and should help pin point most small leaks in any exposed components. An estimate can then be provided for rectification.