First established over 25 years ago, B & W Motor Company pride ourselves on being at the forefront of car fault finding industry in Croydon.

From our well equipped premises, we offer a vehicle diagnostic service enabling them to provide a main dealer service at independent prices.

Innovative Bosch Equipment

‘Diagnostics’ is a word which is often used by people who are trying to sell something. That Car Fault Finding Croydonis not the case at B & W Motoring though. With our innovative and accurate diagnostic machines we’ll quickly be able to identify any problems which your car may be facing. What we won’t do is hide behind a load of technical jargon that will cost you money per word.

At B & W Motoring we use the latest equipment to carry all our work out and provide customer satisfaction to each one of our customers. All work is guaranteed, for the mileage correction, digital mileage correction, reset and adjustment service.

Accurate Identification of Problems

By having a vehicle diagnostic check on your vehicle on your vehicle we can establish any faults you may be experiencing, or even a fault that you did not know was there.

Your car could be have with a problem electronically and may have the engine management light flashing or other service lights flashing on your dashboard to indicate their is a problem with your vehicle.

There could also be something wrong with an electrical component in the engine, fuelling or anywhere else within the car. The car fault finding check from B & W will help to establish where the fault is and then our skilled mechanics can quickly move to repair the problem.

Dealerships can charge a high rate just for the car diagnostic tests but here at B & W we are able to quickly identify vehicle faults through our vehicle health check whilst offering the same high level of service and quality of the parts.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the car fault finding Croydon has to offer available from B & W, give us a call on Tel. No. 0208 688 8478 or visit us at Facebook and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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