It is a legal responsibility for car owners to ensure that there vehicle is kept in a road roadworthy condition. To ensure this happens, every 12 months your motor car must be inspected and examined by a VOSA (Vehicle Operator Support Agency) which has been approved as a registered MOT (Ministry of Transport) testing centre. At B & W Motor Company we offer our clients the most reliable level of Croydon MOT testing.

The MOT certificate

The MOT test has been designed to ensure that all motor vehicles meet a number of Croydon MOT Testingstandard requirements, including road safety requirements and environmental emission standards. An MOT test is not required by a vehicle unless the car is either older than 3 years old or being used as a taxi.

The premier standard of Croydon MOT Testing will conclude with the issuing an MOT certificate verifying at the time of test, the vehicle met standards set by road safety standards required by law.

The issue of an MOT certificate confirms the vehicle which has been through the most reliable Croydon MOT Testing is roadworthy at the time of the examination and not throughout the twelve months the document is valid for. The MOT document does not guarantee the condition of your car or of the gearbox, clutch or engine.

The mechanical condition of the vehicle is not guaranteed by this certificate. The certificate tells you that an MOT pass result has been registered on the VOSA (vehicle & Operator Services Agency) database of MOT Test results.

MOT testing procedures

The procedure undertaken during the premier level of Croydon MOT Testing takes in a series of inspections that checks your vehicle is roadworthy. These checks are crucial to ensure that the vehicle is safe and meets the standards set by VOSA. Important items of your vehicle are examined and accessed and a final report document is produced.

If all required safety requirements are passed you are issued with a MOT certificate which is valid for 12 months. A failure is supported with a document often referred to as a fail sheet which itemises the failures that need repair.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the premier level of Croydon MOT Testing, give us a call on Tel. No. 0208 688 8478 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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