Landrover Defender Comfort Suspension – we speak from personal experience!

After many years and thousands of pounds worth of development by Alive in conjunction with Eibach, we can now offer the most optimized set of springs for your Defender 90. These comfort springs take that harshness out of the smaller undulations on our neglected roads to provide a much smoother ride and by also lowering your vehicle slightly (one and a half inches at the front and one inch at the back) the handling of the vehicle improves massively; particularly if mated with the uprated Eibach Rear Anti Roll bar and Bilstein B6 Dampers. Extensive testing and development time has been spent on these springs in all types of driving scenarios to have the perfect finished product. We would also recommend the fitment of the Bilstein steering damper; this has the effect of reducing the normal corrections necessary to maintain a straight line that all Defender drivers will know about .

The springs and anti roll bar are made in Germany by the world renown Eibach to our exact specifications.

We owned the 2015 Defender 90 XS pictured that had this suspension system fitted and the difference was impressive.



Fitted price for the complete system is from £1385 plus VAT