Is your engine making strange noises? Are you have difficulty starting the car in the morning? There’s no need to continue worrying about it – you can put your mind at rest and get it checked out by one of B & W’s trained mechanics who offer high quality car repairs.

With vast industry experience, we know exactly what we are talking about when it comes to all aspects of car repairs and maintenance.

Extensive knowledge and state of the art equipment are just two of the aspects of our business which sets us apart from our competitors. We have the ability to diagnose and repair vehicle problems much quicker than most and can save costs for our clients because of our team of qualified, experienced mechanics.

Save Costs with B & W Motor Company

It’s a well known fact that many main dealer garage costs can prove to be significantly more expensive than an independent car repair and service centre. In some cases, this is purely down to the endorsement over the door, as in nearly all cases, the diagnostic checks and repairs carried out at B & W carried out during a full service are exactly the same procedures as followed by a main dealer. All our repairs are carried out by qualified mechanics to a very high standard.

No additional work undertaken without your agreement

Offering an unrivalled level of customer service is of the utmost importance to us and is the very core of our business. As such, one of our team will always advise you of any additional work that may be required and the costs involved before any work is carried out.

Only when these costs have been approved will we begin to work. This guarantees you are kept informed at all times of what your repairs will cost, and avoid any nasty surprises.