All vehicles within the the UK requires an MOT test to ensure that it is in a safe roadworthy condition. Consisting of a number of checks which have been designed to ensure that the vehicle being tested satisfies road safety and environmental standards which are stipulated by law, the first MOT test must be completed when a vehicle is 3 years old and must be completed on an annual basis  thereafter.

Under the VOSA requirements an MOT will test all these important items on your car to check that they meet the legal requirements:

  • Emissions & Exhaust – A vehicle’s exhaust must be secure without any serious leaks. Dependant on the age and fuel type of the vehicle being tested, all vehicle emissions should at least meet the necessary requirements.
  • Lights – All required lights must be tested to ensure that they are secure and in good working condition.
  • Brakes – Brakes will be tested to ensure they condition, efficiency, operation and performance meet legal requirements.
  • Tyres – It is essential that tyres are tested to ensure the correct size, condition, type along with the correct tread depth.
  • Seat Belts – Seat belts are a compulsory safety measure for vehicles and will be checked for security, operation and condition
  • Steering – The steering wheel of all vehicles must be in an acceptable condition and securely attached to the steering shaft.
  • Windscreen – This will be checked for all items affecting the driver’s view of the road; its condition, the wipers and the washers.
  • Bonnet Catch – This will be tested to ensure that it securely latches in the closed position
  • Horn – Horns must be operational and of a suitable volume to be heard by pedestrians and other vehicles.
  • Registration Plate – The number plate must be secure and present, whilst remaining free from obscurity and dirt. It is a legal requirement for all letters to conform to the approved font design with the correct spacing between them.
  • Mirrors & Doors – Mirrors will be checked to make sure that they are secure and visible from the driver’s seat and that they are not distorted or damaged so as to impair the driver’s view to the rear. Both front doors must be operational and have the facility to be opened from inside and outside the vehicle.

Despite the MOT Test, it is crucial for all vehicle owners to understand that a recently passed MOT does not imply that a vehicle may safely be driven without service for another whole year (indeed, any subsequent suspicion of problems with any of a vehicle’s safety systems should be immediately investigated).