Terms & Conditions between B & W Motor Company and The Customer

1. Definitions

“The Customer” is the individual or Company for whom the work is carried out.

“The Repairer” is B & W Motor Company

2. VAT

Any VAT shown on an estimate is the rate in force at the time the estimate was prepared and the rate charged at completion will be the rate applicable at that time.

3. Estimates

Any estimate given shall be provisional and subject to variation in price of parts & materials should they alter between the date of estimate and date of repair. It will also vary dependent on further work or parts found to be necessary to undertake the original requested repair or additional faults found or instructed. Best endeavours will be made to make contact and gain authorisation but may not always be possible.

4. Restrictions

The Repairer reserves the right to refuse to carry out work on any vehicle which is considered to render the vehicle unsafe or to road test any vehicle with known defects that would render it illegal for road use.

5. Payment

Unless pre-agreed arrangements are in place all work must be paid for before the vehicle is released. We do not accept cheques.

6. Storage

If the Customer fails to pay for repairs the Repairer is at liberty to charge storage after 24hrs from the time that the Customer was notified. This may also apply if authority to proceed is not given within a reasonable time of an estimate having been submitted.

7. Collection

The Repairer will only release the vehicle to the customer unless requested by the Customer to release the vehicle to the Customers agent. In any event payment must be received before release of vehicle.

8. Lien

The Repairer has the right to hold a vehicle after completion of its repairs until such time as the account is paid in full.

9. Uncollected Goods

The Repairer may exercise its rights as regards uncollected goods under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 and if the goods are not collected when the work is completed, subject to the Repairer complying with the above Act.

10. Sub-Contract

It may be necessary on occasions for the Repairer to instruct specialists or sub-contractors to carry out all or part of the repairs but in doing so the Repairer will only instruct suitable bodies.

11. Replacement parts

All parts removed for replacement, other than those for exchange or warranty will become the property of the Repairer unless the customer requests their return prior to commencement of repairs.

12. Delays

The Repairer will use best endeavours to complete repairs by the date requested but cannot accept liability for delays resulting from availability of parts or other reasons beyond their control.

13. Liability

a) The Repairer will take reasonable care of the vehicle whilst in its custody. This duty does not extend to items of personal property or business goods left in the vehicle. Customers should therefore ensure that these items are removed prior to commencement of repairs.

b) Where, by agreement with or on instruction of the Customer, the vehicle is left outside the secured gates of the premises, before or after normal business hours; any risk, loss or damage whatsoever and however caused, will be the Customers responsibility.

14. Guarantee

Most components & labour to fit will be guaranteed for a minimum period of 12 months or 12000 miles whichever occurs first, subject to the supplier & the vehicle being returned to the Repairer/Franchise as required. The Repairer will guarantee all work against failure due to faulty workmanship for a period of 3 months or 3000 miles whichever occurs first. These guarantees do not extend to wear & tear, monetary or compensation claims or consequential &/or additional losses.

15. Consumer Transactions

Nothing herein is intended to affect, nor will it affect a Consumers Statutory Rights under the Supply of Goods and Services Act.