Looking to buy or replace your existing car tyres? B & W Motoring Company are the leading supplier of quality tyres in the Croydon area and stock and extensive range of leading and budget brands.

From our base in Croydon, Surrey we offer a complete range of specialist vehicle services including MOTs, car repair services and vehicle diagnostic checks.

Tyre Legislation

The quality of tyres on a vehicle is of obvious importance to any car and as such there is Tyres Croydonlegislation put in place to ensure that they are of a high enough quality. The legal minimum tread depth for tyres on a car in the UK and the EC 1.6mm throughout a continuous band comprising the central three quarters of the breadth of tread and round the entire outer circumference of the tyre.

The majority of car tyres have tread wear indicators, which are usually at least six small ribs across the bottom of the main tread grooves. When the tread surface becomes level with these ribs, the tyre has reached the legal limit and must be replaced.

One of the primary functions of tyre tread pattern designs is to ensure that good grip is given in wet conditions. Generally speaking available grip reduces as the tyre wears or as the road surface water depth increases and you should reduce speed in such conditions.

Tyre Damage

It is important to stay vigilant in regards to your car tyres. Keep looking for any cuts, cracks and bulges which may appear along with any other evidence of damage from violent impact or kerbing.

Damaged tyres can be illegal and can also prove to be very dangerous. Contact us immediately, if you feel as though you have any problems.

Tyre Pressure

Regularly check your tyre pressure, especially before setting off on a long journey. You will be able to find the recommended tyre pressure inside the drivers’ manual. Check the pressure when the tyre is cold, as even a short journey will warm up tyres and raise the pressure.

  • Under inflated tyres can cause tyre damage, uneven wear, and an increase in fuel consumption.
  • Over inflated tyres will offer an uncomfortable ride and wear out in the centre of the tread.

Check the pressure in the spare tyre to ensure it’s ready in an emergency.

No Hidden Costs

B & W Motors take great pride in our “No Hidden Extras” policy. Our prices are fully inclusive and the price quoted is the price that you will be charged. We are not aligned to any one particular tyre company we are completely free to give good sound advice.

We will always recommend the most suitable tyre for your car, generally the tyres that a car manufacturer chooses as the original fitting is a pretty good choice. Our policy is and will always be to give straightforward honest advice and we will always give a recommendation.

Our comprehensive range of tyres includes:

  • Premium Brands
  • Mid-Range Brands
  • Economy Brands

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding any of the services available from B & W Motoring Company, including the premier standard of tyres Croydon has to offer, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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